Reach telecoms working in clubs & leisure industry

The clubs and leisure industry include spas, hotels, golf clubs and other similar sectors. Every call you miss in this industry can be a missed new potential customer or existing member.

Reach is dedicated to building incredibly functional, tailormade telephony solutions for businesses in the clubs and leisure industry to further your customers’ experience and forward your business growth.

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Auto Attendant

The auto attendant provides a fluidity for calls ensuring your members are immediately transferred to the correct department. This saves staff time and helps the caller to be directed to exactly where they need to be.

Efficient call handling and transfers mean that members get the information that they need in as little time as possible; therefore, improving your business’ reputation and customer experience.


On-Hold Marketing

This is an ideal way to advertise any current promotions, deals or giveaways that your business might be having.

On-hold marketing deleted text keeps your customers engaged, and deleted text prompts them to ask about offerings when they speak to a member of staff. Your unique blend of music and voice allows you to build your business’ brand through your bespoke audio.


Missed Call Capture

Missed call capture from Reach lets you never miss out on calls, and therefore potential business, again. In a competitive market, it’s vital that all calls are taken and ideally all tee times or potential bookings filled.

When your business is closed, it doesn’t mean that customers aren’t calling. Missed call capture lets you ensure that you call back any missed calls the next working day, helping you pick up lost business and being able to provide excellent customer service.


Call Recording

At clubs and leisure facilities, a lot of bookings and appointments are made over the telephone. With call recording from Reach Digital Telecoms, you can ensure that you always have a concrete record to go back to in case of confusion.

Furthermore, being able to listen back to calls, allows you to make sure that your customers are receiving the highest level of customer service. Through staff training, this means that you can improve customer service and have an even better customer experience.

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