The professional services sector refers to real estate agents, solicitors and accountants.

In the professional services industries, your telephone acts a vital link between you and your clients. An all-inclusive phone system is crucial to ensure that your clients are experiencing the very best from your business from the get-go.


Computer Telephone Integration

As a professional organisation, you’re likely to accumulate and store large quantities of customer data; therefore, it’s important for your computer systems and your telephone systems to fully integrate for optimum staff efficiency and ease of use.

Computer telephone integration makes work easier; you’ll be able to leave notes against a client name, for example, completion dates, prices or overdue bills as well as having fore-sight of clients details calling in for a heightened level of customer service.


Missed Calls & Reporting

There are only so many hours in the day and a large number of businesses need to record times spent on calls to each client. [Deleted text] This is particularly useful if your business charges for time spent on the telephone.

Call reporting software makes a breeze of work for receptionists or personal assistants if they have to calculate this time, as they will be able to easily generate daily or monthly reports to work out how many units to invoice for.


On-Hold Marketing

In every industry, there’ll be times when no one is available to answer a call. 50% of callers hang up after 30 seconds or more of silent hold time. On Hold Marketing from reach allows you to use this valuable time to advertise to your clients.

You will be able to suggest up-sale offers or simply wording about your business, for example, “no win no fee” for solicitors; ensure that your clients remain engaged.


Call Recording

In the professional services sector, a large amount of work is done over the telephone. It, therefore, can be vital to have records of your calls to ensure that no important details can be lost or forgotten. Call recording from reach ensures that you always have a source to refer back to.

Furthermore, you can simply email a call to your secretary to review, ensuring that you can get on with other tasks that need to be done that day.

What our clients say

telecoms for professional services

Reach were really thorough with our installation and exceeded our expectations. We expected a straight replacement of our old office phones which wasn’t maintainable and now have features we didn’t think possible at our budget. The address book with the system was integrated to our database so we can see who’s calling and click to dial from the computer saves so much time for everybody. Highly recommended. – Nick Billington, Director

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