The recruitment industry has a heavier reliance on the telephone than a lot of other sectors. Due to a large amount of data collected and stored about clients and recruiters, a fully featured telephone system is particularly necessary.


Computer Telephone Integration

Due to the huge amount of data that recruitment companies collect, it’s vital that your telephone system and your computer system are fully integrated. This allows you to have complete computer records of your telephone contacts.

Seeing candidate names pop up on the screen as they call in provides a better reception for the caller when answered. In addition to this, you will be able to make notes on each contact; these can include their skills, their level of education, their work history and the recruitment opportunities available to them.


Call Recording

Call recording is a highly valuable resource in the recruitment industry.

A lot of recruitment companies undertake short interviews with many clients over the telephone. Some recruiters find it significantly easier to simply review an interview or even to send the call to the company you’re working for. With our GDPR compliant call recording, you can ask your clients if they are happy for you to pass their details on to companies to further your compliance and streamline your business process. Call recordings are saved and stored for easy reference.


Call Backs

As a recruitment company, you will experience a high volume of telephone calls both in and out of the office. How effective would it be, if you were able to see missed calls into the office and to be able to call those candidates straight back at the press of a button?

This streamlined approach to call backs will be appreciated by your candidates, clients and staff; ensuring your business is run efficiently being key to a successful company.

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