In the retail industry, your phone system is what connects you to the outside world. The retail industry has a particular focus on their customers’ experience. This means that your telephone system should be no different. We tailor make your telephone systems to ensure that we’re meeting the needs of every unique business in the retail industry.


Computer Telephone Integration

In the retail industry, it can be highly beneficial to have all of your telephone contacts synced with your computer systems. This means that you will be able to see who’s calling at any time and refer comfortably in knowing who the caller is.

You can add notes to each contact which means that you’ll be able to see the information you require to provide a better customer experience.


Missed Call Reporting

In retail and especially if you have an e-commerce website, missing a call is missed business. Reach Digital Telecoms’ missed call reporting ensures that you’re able to see immediately who called you and when. This is vital to ensure a swift call back.

Furthermore, we programme our systems to work automatically with your opening and closing times, so you can be sure that even when no one’s at the premises, any callers that haven’t left a message and are missed, can be picked up the next working day.


Call Recording

In the retail industry, verbal agreements can be given over the telephone.

In the case of a customer dispute, call records can be a valuable tool and need to be easily retrieved. Staff training can be easily provided using the call recording software facility


On-Hold Marketing

50% of customers are likely to hang up after being placed on hold with silence, for 30 seconds or more. On hold marketing from Reach ensures customers are kept intuitively engaged. Use your on-hold time to play directed messages and let your customers know about new deals and special offers.

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