A new decade demands fresh ideas for success

Exciting times are ahead. Where will we be in ten years’ time? If we think back to where we were just a decade ago camera phones with decent image quality had just started to become the norm, we WEREN’T dependent upon the internet for EVERYTHING, and tablet PC’s were rare commodities. There was a very distinct line between work and

What is Call Reporting and why use it?

Businesses that wish to remain competitive in the current climate need to embrace digital technology and all the benefits that it brings. Collecting, maintaining and using all possible customer data is vital and Call Reporting is one way of collecting important data as it arrives at your digital door. It allows: Improved call handling and customer service Increased revenues through

Treat Your Customers To Great Customer Care This Christmas

With just a few weeks until Christmas, do you have a phone system that will manage effectively during the holiday period? As the festive season approaches most businesses will be faced with the dilemma of giving staff adequate time off to enjoy the holiday alongside providing a great level of service that customers expect. You may decide that, for your

Is your organisation struggling with sluggish Broadband?

We’re all familiar with broadband providers claiming that by using them you’ll receive a gazillion megabits per second for an extremely good rate. But there will be the proviso somewhere within the small print that speeds can’t be guaranteed, this is the maximum speed possible, etc, etc. But, nevertheless, you’ve signed on the dotted line only to find that your

Maintain professionalism over the telephone within Professional Service businesses

The most valuable asset to any Professional Service business is the quality of its staff and associates. Clients only remain loyal when they know that all associated personnel are highly qualified to carry out the services offered, have their best interests at heart, and provide a top rate service. Maintaining a great reputation is vital and staffing goes a huge

Do you understand what VoIP is?

The term ‘VoIP’ is bandied about a lot but is it obvious what it means? If you’re fully up to speed with VoIP then read no further. BUT, if you don’t understand the term then read on… VoIP stands for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’. Still non the wiser? We completely understand – it’s a rather ‘techy’ term that’s become commonplace

All broadband is not the same…

Who remembers a bygone era when we only expected to get one page of the internet up at a time, and anticipated waiting a decade for a page to refresh? Internet speeds have increased immensely over the last few years. How cheesed off do we feel when we go somewhere with really slow or non-existent internet access? We now expect

Leisure customers demand more than a leisurely response…

…Stay on the ball with great telephone systems. Members, potential members and guests to clubs and leisure facilities expect fast and efficient responses to their phone calls. Current members will feel understandably disgruntled if, after paying a membership fee, they are left dangling on the phone. Potential customers will also be put off if their phone enquiry isn’t handled adequately.

How do businesses benefit from recording telephone calls?

We’ve all been on the receiving end of calls where we’re told “This call is being recorded for training and monitoring purposes”, but what exactly does that mean, and why do businesses need it? Is it just big business that requires Call Recording? Or do small businesses also benefit? There are three main advantages to recording calls: Use the recordings to

Don’t sell your Small Business short…

If your small business has an integrated telephone system in place, then you’ll be reaping the rewards of providing your customers with a great experience. However, if you’re relying on an outdated telephone system then you could be missing vital sales, and long term this could have a disastrous impact on your business. We are not in the business of