Customer Care through Computer Telephone Integration

Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) bridges the gap between your business telephone system and your PC. The advantage? There are many, but the most significant result is that it helps you deliver exceptional customer care. And keeping your customers happy goes a long way to building and maintaining great relationships that will help carry your business forward. How does it work?

Be prepared for the unexpected…

As we all now appreciate, business conditions are extremely difficult to predict as the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions change, often with very little notice. One thing that is certain, is that we all need to expect the unexpected. Businesses that will be in a healthier position to survive the current crisis are those that can adapt as quickly as possible. Ensuring

Is your Recruitment Business coping with increased demand?

As the furlough scheme is about to enter its final month, unfortunately we’re likely to see an increase in redundancies. Chasing vacancies may become frantic if it hasn’t already! Prepare your recruitment business for an influx of enquiries. With a heavier reliance on the phone than most industries, flourishing recruitment firms will ensure a telephone system that not only copes

Are your staff ready to return?

The Government is keen for as many of us as possible to return to work. Schools are back; childcare of school age children is no longer the issue it has been for the past few months. Those that were shielding no longer officially need to. And many restrictions that were in place have now been lifted. However, with talk of

Manufacturing Success

All businesses are under attack at the moment. The Covid-19 Pandemic has placed an unprecedented strain on our economy and even businesses that are thriving also recognise that the situation is precarious. Manufacturing businesses have been impacted more than many sectors, suffering from shortage of materials and having to adapt the workplace to ensure social distancing. Remaining prepared is vital

Is your organisation as safe as it can be?

We all understand that if we can keep Covid-19 at bay, society will be better placed to operate with a high degree of normality for as long as possible. The economy will be less badly hit if organisations can stay open and flourish. As we’ve all experienced over the last few weeks, lockdown is gradually easing leading to more human

Help Your Leisure Business Cope with New Challenges

Using telephony is an efficient and cost-effective method of taking the pressure off of busy staff in your Leisure Business and giving your customers the answers that they need. As Government guidance evolves so your customers will want to find out whether you’re open for business. They’ll also need to be aware of any changes to the services you offer

REACH your Retail Customers Quickly and Easily

Do you need to make your retail business as competitive as possible in these challenging market conditions? Telephony can play a big part and impact significantly on the experience your customers receive. As Ofcom states, ‘Keeping communications going across the UK has never been more important right now. Home phone, broadband and mobile services are playing a vital role as

Is your business prepared for 4th July?

Fever Detection Solutions Lockdown measures are easing, putting choice back on the table. With nearly half of newly home-based workers looking forward to getting back to the office, worries over maintaining social distancing remain high at 59%.* Make it an easy choice with our Fever Detection Solutions and keep your offices virus free. Non-contact, multi-person thermal detection in one second

Is Your Team Still Working from Home?

If you’re one of the many businesses with staff working from home for the foreseeable future are you still using an expensive office call divert system to receive vital calls? If so, now is the time to change. Move to a more permanent, better value and more efficient system that is fit for the future. Whilst some people are itching