Doctor’s Surgery Telephone Systems to help ease the burden

Doctor’s surgeries are facing unprecedented challenges. Inbound call volumes are significantly higher as more of us try to find out information on Covid-19. We’re also encouraged to call rather than visit the surgery in person. Additionally, outbound calls are higher as medical cases are triaged ahead of surgery visits by patients. As the challenges faced seem to increase daily, a well-thought-out

Watch staff statistics with Call Reporting

During the pandemonium that engulfed us during the first lockdown and beyond, the focus was on simply being able to move office-based operations at the drop of a hat. But as we’re all realising, things will never be the same again. Flexibility to work in different locations is now normal, and it’s unlikely that most businesses will return to full-time

Does Your Laptop Operate as a Telephone?

Working anywhere has never been easier and is now essential for many of us. As telephony technology advances so we can all take advantage of increased flexibility as well as accessing vital data. ‘Softphone’ apps enable your laptop to be used as a telephone. No need for a mobile. No need for a fixed line phone. And you don’t even

Why is Call Reporting so important?

Embracing the benefits of digital technology will help your small business compete effectively in the challenging climate that we find ourselves in. Collecting, maintaining and using all possible customer data is vital and Call Reporting is one way of collecting important data as it arrives at your digital door. It allows: Improved call handling and customer service Increased revenues through

Has Your Restaurant Started Selling Takeaways?

Have you adapted you restaurant or café to offer a takeaway or food delivery service? Has your small business telephone system held up to higher and different usage? A system that has worked well for a traditional restaurant service may not be the best system to cope with the different demands of a newly formed takeaway. Higher volumes The volume

Mobile Twinning App is Taking Off!

Flexibility is key for most businesses at the moment, both in systems and staffing. Mobile Twinning allows extension numbers to be answered via any specified mobile device, so allowing greater flexibility whilst still maintaining excellent customer service. Wherever your team members are having to work, you can be reassured that incoming calls will be answered. Diverting incoming calls to mobiles

Customer Care through Computer Telephone Integration

Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) bridges the gap between your business telephone system and your PC. The advantage? There are many, but the most significant result is that it helps you deliver exceptional customer care. And keeping your customers happy goes a long way to building and maintaining great relationships that will help carry your business forward. How does it work?

Be prepared for the unexpected…

As we all now appreciate, business conditions are extremely difficult to predict as the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions change, often with very little notice. One thing that is certain, is that we all need to expect the unexpected. Businesses that will be in a healthier position to survive the current crisis are those that can adapt as quickly as possible. Ensuring

Is your Recruitment Business coping with increased demand?

As the furlough scheme is about to enter its final month, unfortunately we’re likely to see an increase in redundancies. Chasing vacancies may become frantic if it hasn’t already! Prepare your recruitment business for an influx of enquiries. With a heavier reliance on the phone than most industries, flourishing recruitment firms will ensure a telephone system that not only copes

Are your staff ready to return?

The Government is keen for as many of us as possible to return to work. Schools are back; childcare of school age children is no longer the issue it has been for the past few months. Those that were shielding no longer officially need to. And many restrictions that were in place have now been lifted. However, with talk of