Call Recording

Call recording from Reach automatically records every call you make or receive through your business’ telephone system. Reach’s call recording is designed to enhance your business by helping you to train staff, confirm orders and settle customer disputes whilst maintaining your GDPR compliance.

record phone calls

Order confirmation

With voice recording, all discussions and orders are logged. This means that you’re able to easily listen back to individual calls and refresh yourself on what was said. This ensures accuracy and efficiency when dealing with customers and orders. In addition, calls can be emailed to others at the push of a button.


Staff Training & Customer service

The way a business deals with their customers defines the company. If you’re training new staff on how to deal with customers, or teaching existing staff on how to make more sales, call recording from Reach allows you show your employees what you expect from a call and can be used as a training tool to improve productivity.


Dashboard Interface

Through call recording, you can quickly confirm back to your customers what was said or agreed. This works to protect your staff and enables any disputes to be solved quickly and definitively.


Notes & Technical

Staff are able to listen back to their own calls to check agreements and discussions. In situations where a wealth of technical information is being given, call recording ensures that you have all the important information to hand.


Regulatory Compliance

Reach call recorder can be your tool to become fully GDPR compliant. It will become compulsory for all FCA regulated businesses to record all of their calls. Where necessary, we also ensure that your business is PCI compliant.

This means you are able to:

  • Pause/stop recording whenever you need to protect sensitive data
  • Erase any part of a recording to remove sensitive data​
  • Mark sensitive recordings so that they cannot be used for any other purpose