On-Hold Marketing

Reach-on-Hold provides a dynamic and easy way for your business to choose its own audio branding. We provide you with a platform to easily craft your own audio branding on our on-hold website where you can choose from a selection of actors voices and musical accompaniments, allowing you to tailor your audio for your target audience.

In fact, over 70% of callers are placed on hold every time you transfer a call and just over 80% simply hear beeps and silence.

This is perfectly good marketing time; replacing the standard hold music with targeted messages, allowing you to send messages to the customer while you’re busy.

Reach-On-Hold lets you:


Market to captive audience


Cross-sell products and services


Promote special offers


Encourage customers to find out more about you


Show customers that you care

Find out more how Reach-on-Hold can be customised for your business!