Adapt your telephony for more permanent home-based working

Many businesses with remote workers are using unnecessarily expensive telephone systems to receive vital calls.

Remote working is not going away, so now is the time to make essential changes.

What was an emergency situation last March is now seemingly more permanent. Whilst there will be a way out of Covid eventually, remote working is here to stay. It’s reported that between 11-27% of office work could be completed at home once we return to ‘normal’.

Whilst some staff can’t wait to get back to the office others are enjoying the flexibility that home working brings. And employers are realising that the productivity of home workers is better than anticipated – one report suggests that remote workers are producing 5 days’ worth of work in 4 days!

It’s likely that remote working, post Covid, will generally comprise a mixture of office-based and home-based working. Most of us appreciate the value of face-to-face interaction, but also realise that time spent in seclusion allows for more intense concentration. Home working has also demonstrated that having a degree of flexibility in working hours does not equate to reduced productivity; on the contrary – working when it’s more convenient allows greater focus on the task in hand.

Flexible working is here to stay – make sure your telephony is designed with enough flexibility to cope!

Make updates to your systems that will improve efficiency, reduce costs and make your business more attractive to potential staff. And, importantly, ensure your customers receive the great service they expect.

No longer is it the case that a desk set is all that is required. As staff move from place to place they’ll need seamless connectivity. Make plans now to establish a true home working environment using Mobile Phone Apps and Home Worker Extensions.

How will your business benefit from more adaptable telephony?
• Zero cost for diverting and transferring calls
• Transfer calls between employees with ease
• Straightforward conference calling
• Twin mobiles with landline extensions using a simple app
• Allow a mobile phone to be a designated extension line
• Fully integrated phone systems within the home environment
• Simple management reports showing staff efficiency and productivity i.e. how many calls have been made and received
• 24/7 remote support from our dedicated in-house engineering team, covering the entire UK

As we’ve all found, change can happen quickly when it’s essential. And we can help you change your systems quickly and easily.

CONTACT our team of expert telecommunications specialists to discuss your business circumstances. We’ll run through the options available that will help your business to adapt and modernise.

Our telephony solutions can be deployed safely within days. You’ll also benefit from free installation and no upfront fees.

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