Customer Care through Computer Telephone Integration

Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) bridges the gap between your business telephone system and your PC.

The advantage?

There are many, but the most significant result is that it helps you deliver exceptional customer care. And keeping your customers happy goes a long way to building and maintaining great relationships that will help carry your business forward.

How does it work?

Simply put, it works however you need it to. Each business has its own unique set of requirements and CTI can be set up to handle your specific needs.

User interface

Rather than relying on the traditional telephone handset CTI uses your computer screen for maximum flexibility and features can be enabled on other devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

You’ll be able see caller information on screen as calls come in, and store customer information in a GDPR compliant fashion. Click to dial on the screen, save details through Google, create a shared address book and view extension status.

And while you’re engaging with customers, you’ll also be able to keep team members informed using Instant Messaging and CRM integration.

When calls aren’t answered you can view information about missed calls, and there’s also functionality to preview call histories.

Multiple sites

Increasingly important is the option to operate across multiple sites, whether that be in traditional workplaces or home offices. CTI can function wherever you need it to and can be configured remotely where social distancing needs to be maintained.

Customer care

A smooth and efficient telephone system helps you deliver first class customer care by answering calls quickly, by those most able to answer questions and ensuring as much customer information is available as possible.

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