Does Your Laptop Operate as a Telephone?

Working anywhere has never been easier and is now essential for many of us.

As telephony technology advances so we can all take advantage of increased flexibility as well as accessing vital data.

‘Softphone’ apps enable your laptop to be used as a telephone. No need for a mobile. No need for a fixed line phone. And you don’t even need headphones if your laptop has a microphone and speakers.

Whether you’re based in the office, at a ‘hot desk’, in your home office, or at another site, you can answer calls through your laptop. Pair that with integrated telephone technology and you’ll have all the client and company information at your fingertips to operate with efficiency and give exceptional customer care.

On a personal level it’s nice to know that you only need one piece of business kit to carry about, should you be working in multiple locations. From a company level it means less investment in kit is required. And from your customers’ perspective, they’ll be receiving great service.

REACH out to us if you want to increase the flexibility of your team using Softphone technology.

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