Has Your Restaurant Started Selling Takeaways?

Have you adapted you restaurant or café to offer a takeaway or food delivery service? Has your small business telephone system held up to higher and different usage?

A system that has worked well for a traditional restaurant service may not be the best system to cope with the different demands of a newly formed takeaway.

Higher volumes

The volume of calls for takeaways is not only higher than for traditional ‘sit down’ meals, but it also takes place over a shorter timespan; more people are calling during cooking times, rather than a restaurant where calls can come in all day.

Always answer

It’s also vital that takeaway calls are answered rather than left to voicemail, unlike restaurant calls where this would be more acceptable.

Ultimately, the needs of a telephone system for takeaways are different than that of a restaurant.

Inbound calls

Firstly, the system needs to handle the higher volume of inbound calls. Call divert could be used to transfer calls to different team members depending on what the call is for, such as delivery, collection or something else.

Changing roles

You and your team members may have different job roles. For example, waiting staff may be used for deliveries, thereby needing mobile telephony that’s linked to the main system. A mobile-twinning app could be used if staff are at a premium and you need to switch quickly between landline and mobile.

Handset versus headset

Where a traditional handset would normally suffice, can headsets be useful if you’re trying to run a kitchen while answering the phone?

On-hold marketing

You don’t want your callers to be left on hold, but if they are, ensure that on-hold marketing is in action; tell your customers deals and delicious menu items while they wait.


Keep your customers informed of your services when you’re not available to answer the phone by providing informative voicemail messages so that they know exactly when and where to reach you.

Make the most of demand

Meet your customer demands and maximise sales by ensuring that your small business telephone system is properly equipped.

REACH out to us for advice and guidance. We’ll work through the new issues that you face and help you find the best solution for your business.

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