Mobile Twinning App is Taking Off!

Flexibility is key for most businesses at the moment, both in systems and staffing.

Mobile Twinning allows extension numbers to be answered via any specified mobile device, so allowing greater flexibility whilst still maintaining excellent customer service. Wherever your team members are having to work, you can be reassured that incoming calls will be answered.

Diverting incoming calls to mobiles also reduces the need for team members to give out their mobile number. Whilst, on the face of it, there’s nothing wrong with mobile numbers, they are often attributed to one person. If that person leaves the business then the number is no longer up to date. Offering one number to customers not only reduces confusion, but also ensures that the number they have remains current.

Because Mobile Twinning is App-based it’s straightforward to install and utilise. Turn twinning on and off with ease as staff move from home-based working, to being ‘on the road’, to business premises.

Never miss a call…

Obviously, the idea is that calls are never missed. However, if circumstances dictate that a call is missed the App can be configured to redirect to another extension or forward the missed call information to office email. Missed call reporting helps to ensure that calls are returned but also gives management visibility of how and when calls are handled.

In a nutshell, Mobile Twinning keeps things simple. Simple for customers, staff and management, whilst allowing much-needed flexibility.

REACH out to us for your phone system upgrade at little or no additional cost. You’ll also benefit from full remote support and diagnostics 24/7, and on site callouts where necessary.

Order during 2020 and you can take advantage of our Covid Support Credit Facility.


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