Adapting Professional Services for changing work patterns

Professional Services have seen dramatic changes in working practices throughout the last year.

Working remotely from time to time would have been the norm for many professionals pre-pandemic. However, most remote working would not have been undertaken on a regular basis. The majority of hours worked were spent in the office, surrounded by a team of support staff, and with many face-to-face meetings taking place.

Whilst vaccines bring normality nearer to the horizon, ‘normal’ has changed for good. Remote working, whilst forced on most, has quickly become an acceptable way to work. Clients are, in the main, now practiced at Video Conferencing. Whilst we yearn to meet up, chat, socialise, the appetite for constant office-based working and face-to-face meetings is not so great.

Yes, some can’t wait to get back in the office, and attend meetings in person. However, many will acknowledge that the flexibility of home-based working brings advantages. Additionally, some clients will appreciate the ease and efficiency with which Video Conferencing can take place.

Allowances have been made for glitches in service. As remote working took place at pace it was accepted that business systems would feel the strain and that customer service may not be as good. However, time for allowances is almost over. As the new normal takes over, so customers will anticipate seeing a return to great customer service. They’ll also expect you to adapt to their new requirements – if they want to Video Conference, they’ll expect it, for example.

Unanswered phones, long pauses left on hold and inflexible service will not be acceptable. Service levels need to get back to normal, wherever you and your professional services team reside.

All-inclusive telephone systems are crucial to maintaining vital client communications, wherever you are.

Computer Telephone Integration

By integrating your computer systems with your telephone system, you can view important customer data as you make and receive calls. Have sight of names, completion dates, billing information, and other relevant details as you speak to your clients. Use your laptop, wherever you are, to access this information.

On-Hold Marketing

Bespoke on-hold services allow you to provide helpful information to clients while they’re waiting for their call to be answered. This has been proven to create a more positive waiting time and gives an opportunity to pass on any messages that will benefit your clients. Adapt messages via the Reach on-hold website, accessed from wherever you are.

Call Divert

Messaging can also be used to ensure clients get answered by the right person. Call divert gives options to inbound callers, allowing them to choose the right option for their needs, saving time and making your service more efficient.

Mobile Twinning

Wherever you and your team are working, a simple app can divert specified extension numbers to mobile phones.

Call Recording

Use call recording from your integrated telephone system. Vital information is collected in a GDPR compliant fashion, so that you can refer back to conversations after they’ve taken place.


Ensure you and your team have adequate broadband provision wherever you need to work. We can advise on the best speeds available in different areas and can make recommendations for improving vital connectivity. It may be necessary to improve office-based internet if a lot more video conferencing will be taking place long-term.


Last, but not least, you need devices to answer calls! It’s now possible to use laptops as mobiles – perfect if you’re working at the same time. At Reach, we can also advise on mobiles and handsets to best suit your business needs.

Reach out to us for your Professional Service telephone provision. Keep your customers happy, wherever you’re working.

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