Be prepared for the unexpected…

As we all now appreciate, business conditions are extremely difficult to predict as the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions change, often with very little notice.

One thing that is certain, is that we all need to expect the unexpected. Businesses that will be in a healthier position to survive the current crisis are those that can adapt as quickly as possible.

Ensuring an up-to-date telephone system will help your business cope with whatever the pandemic and associated restrictions throw at it.


Use voicemail messages to give information to customers quickly and easily. Call diverting will ensure the right people are able to respond. And you can even have calls diverting to workers who are working from home, relieving staff that are on premises.

Remain mobile

As staff work both at home and on-site having competitive mobile bundles and tariffs helps reduce the potential for increased expenditure.

Integrate telephony with computers

Display, utilise, store and integrate customer information using Computer Telephone Integration. CTI doesn’t just bridge the gap between PC and handset, but also shares information across multiple sites both in the UK and abroad, and with those team members that are working from home.


The best broadband you can get for your on-site workers, and those that are home-based is a necessity and at Reach we can guide you to the best providers in different geographical areas.

Missed Call Reporting

If your business is suffering from staff shortages, with phones left unanswered, Missed Call Reporting will give information to allow a swift callback, mitigating potential damage caused by an unanswered telephone.

Remote diagnostics

Remote diagnostics for your telephone system allows faults to be found and resolved quickly. Reach have invested in comprehensive support packages giving you peace of mind that your vital telephony is in capable hands.

REACH out to us for advise on your Telephone System. Every business is unique, and we’ll ensure you have the system that is right for your business, whatever the restrictions that are placed upon it.

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