Why is Call Reporting so important?

Embracing the benefits of digital technology will help your small business compete effectively in the challenging climate that we find ourselves in.

Collecting, maintaining and using all possible customer data is vital and Call Reporting is one way of collecting important data as it arrives at your digital door. It allows:

  • Improved call handling and customer service
  • Increased revenues through missed call capture
  • Improved sales staff activity
  • An understanding of your advertising Return On Investment (ROI) through data analysis

Call Reporting includes:

  • Inclusive reporting software
  • Emailed reports
  • Dashboard interface

In its simplest form Inclusive Reporting Software supplies missed call information including customers’ names and telephone numbers. But the real value comes from being able to see where the calls have originated from; what marketing channels have been used to find your number in the first place? This data is not only useful for determining which marketing channels are working most effectively for your business but also to evaluate the success of individual marketing campaigns.

Being able to more effectively calculate your ROI allows more targeted future planning. Plus, you have enhanced data available on your individual customers. Are there particular categories into which your target markets can be divided? Can you tailor messages specifically for them, presented via the marketing channels that they are most likely to respond to?

Not only does this help the marketing department but also ensures sales staff are better positioned to use their time effectively, concentrating their efforts on the customers that are most likely to make a purchase.

Information is power – so long as it’s available in a format that is understandable and relevant. Consolidated emailed reports linked to Call Reporting systems are set up to suit the specific needs of a business and are automatically sent at designated times. So, everything your small business needs to know about your customers and their calls, is available for analysis by management in an accessible format.

Live information can be streamed straight to PCs allowing everyone to have real time data. No matter what industry you’re in, dashboard information is set up to provide the data that you need NOW!

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