Doctor’s Surgery Telephone Systems to help ease the burden

Doctor’s surgeries are facing unprecedented challenges.

Inbound call volumes are significantly higher as more of us try to find out information on Covid-19. We’re also encouraged to call rather than visit the surgery in person. Additionally, outbound calls are higher as medical cases are triaged ahead of surgery visits by patients.

As the challenges faced seem to increase daily, a well-thought-out telephone system will significantly help to decrease the burden.

Computer Telephone Integration (CTI)

CTI makes it easy to stay up to date with the needs of your patients and helps provide a more personalised service. Seamless integration between your telephone system and your computer system allows you to see patient’s details as they call in.

Call Reporting

Call reporting software gives you all the management information you need to monitor the effectiveness of call answering within your practice. You’ll have access to a detailed report, as and when you need it. If your practice likes to call back any unanswered calls, the missed call function will ensure that you’re able to view and call back patients as soon as staff are free to do so.

On-Hold Marketing

Bespoke on-hold services allow you to provide helpful healthcare information to the patient while they’re waiting for their call to be answered. This has been proven to create a more positive waiting time and gives an opportunity to pass on any messages you require to your patients.

Call Divert

Messaging can also be used to ensure patients get answered by the right person. Call divert gives options for patients, allowing them to pick the right option for their needs, saving time and making your service more efficient. Additionally, if certain patients would be better placed engaging with a different service, such as 111, then call divert messages can include this.

Mobile Twinning

If you have members of your team that are having to work remotely use a simple app to divert certain extension numbers to their mobile phone.

Call Recording

Call recording is extremely helpful in the healthcare industry. Instant access to secured records ensures that you’ll always have concrete evidence to support patients and staff when an issue has arisen. Staff training can often be an ongoing process for a management team; call recordings are an effective tool to train staff and check quality when you see fit.

Discuss how your Doctor’s Surgery would benefit from a bespoke telephone system.

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