Mitel has awarded Reach the ‘UK Number 1 Best Partner for MiVoice Office 400’ award for the 2nd year running!

We’re proud to have installed the most Mitel MiVoice Office 400 systems throughout the UK over the past two years, to the highest standard.  The ‘flagship’ MiVoice 400 system allows for enormous flexibility which incorporates all the features that are required for any office use, with the convenience of wireless Bluetooth handset functionality on the fixed handset model, 6940.


Whether you need a simple few office extensions with a night service or a multi-site fully integrated performance, The MiVoice Office 400 opens the full spectrum of modern functionality for business communications, whilst being completely flexible for new ways of working. Whether used in the traditional office setting, or the home office environment, MiVoice gives maximum efficiency in tailoring to specific needs. Every solution provided is formulated with the support from our expert consultants visiting your site and understanding your needs showing initiative and providing advice through years of experience.  The finished product is a fully functional, bespoke setup, fused with simple software if needed to assist any business requirement.


What’s more, the market is currently seeing a trend toward virtualisation. MiVoice Office 400 is the perfect solution for customers wanting to pursue flexibility and growth.

Why Reach?

Our fully accredited in-house team of Engineers is highly proficient and fully trained to the highest levels on Mitel MiVoice Office 400. Over the past year, our team has transferred their skills, ensuring customers can continue with new ways of working by using home-based installations, mobile app usage and encouraging business owners that the same high standards of work can be achieved at home when compared to the conventional office environment.

Features and benefits

MiVoice Office 400 supports essential forward-looking features that give maximum benefit to users including the mobile app twinning, computer-telephone integration (CRM integration), call reporting, and voice recording. We’ll run through the various features with you and how they benefit businesses that are having to face new challenges and establish different work patterns. We’ll also advise on add-ons if necessary, that can accompany MiVoice 400, giving your business complete integration across other communication platforms, such as Microsoft Teams.

CONTACT our team of expert telecommunications specialists to discuss your business requirements. Our telephony solutions can be deployed safely within days.

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