Watch staff statistics with Call Reporting

During the pandemonium that engulfed us during the first lockdown and beyond, the focus was on simply being able to move office-based operations at the drop of a hat. But as we’re all realising, things will never be the same again. Flexibility to work in different locations is now normal, and it’s unlikely that most businesses will return to full-time office-based working.

With that in mind, it’s more difficult to monitor staff and their productivity when they’re not sitting in the same place every day. We can all go on ‘gut instinct’ – it’s often pretty clear who is working hard… and who isn’t. Whilst micromanaging isn’t motivational, it is the case that management needs to take place. Call Reporting will help you manage your teams and keep a handle on productivity.

In our recent Call Reporting blog we concentrated on how data can be used to inform marketing. However, monitoring how people are working from home is another useful tool.

Statistics supplied in Call Reports show who is answering calls, what time calls are being answered and average call times. If call answering is an essential part of your business this information can prove invaluable. Combine with Missed Call Reporting and you have a clear view of the world, wherever your staff are working in the world….

REACH out to us if you want more information on Call Reporting and how you can use it to ensure you’re getting the productivity you need.

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